Dr. Keith Polette - Literacy Consultant
New Approaches to Reading and Writing for Teachers, Grades K-6 & 7-12

Dr. Keith Polette, an internationally acclaimed literacy consultant, is a Professor of English Education at the University of Texas at El Paso.  He regularly gives keynote addresses and conducts seminars and workshops at national, regional, state, and local levels.

He is the author of Read and Write It Out Loud, Teaching Grammar Through Writing, Spoofing and Proofing the Classics, Look Out! Letters Alive, Moon Over the Mountain, Isabel and the Hungry Coyote, Paco and the Giant Chile Plant, and The Winter Duckling.

Workshops for All Levels:  from Struggling Readers to G/T Learners
Dynamic workshops — packed with innovative, interactive, best practices — will enable teachers to help all students master critical reading and writing skills, discover the love of learning, and achieve high levels of academic success. 

•  Vocabulary Building
•  Oral Language Development
•  Fluency
•  Comprehension
•  Inference
•  Critical Reading & Critical Thinking
•  Motivation
•  Effective Assessment Strategies

•  3 Secrets of Writing Success
•  Sentence Development
•  Sentence Variety
•  17 Grammatical Tools That All Students Need
•  Fluency
•  7 Types of Paragraph Structure
•  New Approaches to Poetry
•  Reporting Research without Copying
•  Unity and Coherence at All Levels
•  Writing to Learn
•  Reading Like a Writer
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